My First ALDI Adventure

A quarter earns you a cart and when you return it, you get your quarter back.

“Don’t forget your quarter, you’ll need it to get a cart!” My wise and trusted friend encouraged me to tackle my holiday grocery list at ALDI on Route 322, with a promise that I’d spend less. I was lamenting how crazy our local grocery store has become since the closing of Darrenkamp’s and I’ve been dreading the experience every time I need to shop there.

I mostly needed a few gourmet cheeses for a charcuterie tray and some meats for Christmas Day, which can add up to an expensive grocery bill. Being the curious person that I am, a new adventure at ALDI sounded like a good idea as a way to save money this holiday season.

The first thing I was excited to find at ALDI was a jar of clarified butter. If you read my Culinary Adventure post, you’ll understand why this was a treasured find. I plan to try it with our steaks on Christmas Eve day and as we attempt to make Hollandaise sauce. I’ll let you know if it’s as good as our homemade.

My second favorite find was a small tray of Baklava! Our Christmas cookies are starting to get old so I decided to treat myself with this little gift…but I promise to share it with my family!

Last but not least was the kindness I found in the cashier. He asked if I found everything, and without really thinking about it, I mentioned that I couldn’t find cranberry sauce. I didn’t expect him to go get it for me, but that’s exactly what he did. He said, “Hold on, I’ll be right back with a can for you!”

“The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.”

~ W. C. Jones

This young man’s attentiveness and excellent work ethic has been noted. I look forward to shopping at ALDI again when it fits into my schedule since my first experience was definitely a good one!

I promise to take a photo when I create our charcuterie tray for Christmas Day to show you what yummy cheeses and other goodies I found during my first trip to ALDI.

Do you shop at ALDI? I’d love to hear about your experience or any tips you have to share!