Christmas Tradition

The best memory to date was when my cousin Deb shared her story about being stalked and almost attacked by a groundhog. She was rescued by a neighbor thankfully, but to hear her trying to make the appropriate sound effects and her choice of exclamations was enough to give all of us side stitches from laughing so hard!

Our extended family Christmas breakfast is usually held in Deb’s home, each of us bringing a dish to add to her main dishes and gourmet coffee, which all adds up to a scrumptious holiday feast. Her sunroom, beautifully decorated for the holidays, creates a picture perfect setting for candid photos and festive spirits.

Ken and Aunt Betty deep in conversation.

One year, we met at Inn 422 in Lebanon, and enjoyed a memorable morning together. Even though we weren’t in Deb’s sunroom, the beautiful decor and nostalgic feel of this special place was relaxing and comfortable. It also made for some great photos. I must do a review of this historical place very soon.

We decided to meet at Perkin’s this year due to some ongoing health issues in the family, in order to keep things low key. To be honest though, even though the company was special and the food was good, the atmosphere lacked that homey, festive feeling. It just wasn’t the same.

So while I appreciate the sentiment that it shouldn’t matter where you meet as long as you are among family and friends, I must admit that the atmosphere does either detract from or enhance my overall dining experience, even a traditional one.

Do you have a Christmas tradition and a favorite place to meet during the holidays?