There was a joke circulating on Facebook about having to change out of our pajamas and return to the adulting world. That describes me very well since the day after Christmas.  

I have spent more days in my PJ’s during our holiday break than I care to admit. The desire to venture out and do a little exploring is beginning to stir, but it might have to wait a little longer. 

My status as a homebody will continue through January as our kitchen remodel begins. My pajamas, however, will be replaced with adulting clothes now that a contractor and his team will be traipsing in and out of my home for the next couple of weeks.  

We started the planning process last year and have finally reached the demolition date. Our current kitchen was designed in the 1980s and the powder blue countertop is finally on its way out. I chose a quartz countertop in a pattern and color I personally love – with flecks of gold and plum – and I’m excited to see the finished product. 

Ken and I are looking forward to an updated kitchen that we both can enjoy for a few years; one that we also hope will also benefit us when it’s time to make a change and sell in the future. 

We don’t have a very large kitchen, but we do a lot of cooking together in ours. I’ll keep you posted with before and after photos, and most likely with a few reflections about the remodeling process. 

Encouragement will be appreciated, contractor/remodeling nightmare stories not so much!