Taste and See

I’m off on a new adventure! As if a kitchen remodel isn’t enough, my husband’s work load has increased. I decided this might be a good time for me to have something enjoyable to do, and I think I found the very thing to keep some positivity flowing into my heart and brain.

One of America’s most beloved teachers and writers, Margaret Feinberg invited me (along with her other followers!) to go on a remarkable journey to unearth God’s perspective on food through an online Bible study.

Her groundbreaking book offers a culinary exploration of Scripture, and includes dozens of recipes for those of us who believe some of life’s richest moments are spent savoring a meal with those we love.

I’ll keep you posted on this promising culinary adventure. I hope to create several of the recipes and will share my photos and reviews with you.

Here’s to discovering spiritual significance of food in the Bible, and tasting and seeing the goodness of God!

Join the online Bible study here.